Growing Up


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Relating to my own child

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made as a parent was not preparing myself for something that now seems so obvious. What to do if your child develops a personality that you didn’t expect? Before our oldest son arrived in our lives at the end of 2011, like a lot of fathers, I created in my mind an ideal. I was having a BOY, after all, and I couldn’t wait to share with him all the amazing and wonderful...

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DADOGRAPHER: That crazy, expressive boy

This week, our Threenager’s preschool asked us to submit answers to a questionnaire, and one of the questions asked us to describe our child in a few words. I thought of just sending them this picture and wishing them good luck. Great portrait photography involves a perfect blend of technical elements — your aperture, your shutter speed, ISO, available light, and on and on — but what it comes down to is your subject. Does your audience — other family,...