The focus of a writer

The focus of a writer

It’s going to be all right. Go ahead and say it again. Repeat it. Do it as many times as it takes to sink in. It’s going to be all right. Really. If you’ve ever thought of walking away from your non-writing activities – social media, working out, chores around the house, and so on — so you can focus on your work-in-progress, you know the subsequent panic. Many of us innately associate writing, whether it’s a book or a...

Building momentum as a recovering pantser, plotting, plotter, prewriting, writing life, writing process

Building momentum as a recovering pantser

Since committing to a couple of days of plotting — drawing out plot points, making character sketches, and so on — I’ve spent the better part of last week ripping through four chapters. I’m loving this. Every time I sit down to write a chapter, I know where to start with characters and scenery and, even more important, where to finish. I acknowledge how elementary this sounds, but in truth, how many of us, especially pantsers, do this? How many...

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From Pantser to Plotter

When I sat down for my first writing session of 2018, I came with all the enthusiasm inherent with a new year. I figured I could pick up where I left off 10 days earlier, when I shut down all manuscript work in favor of the Christmas holiday. An all-too-familiar panic, however, set in rather quickly. Every time I’ve gone to write a draft of my creative nonfiction novel, I manage to navigate deep into the story, but eventually, I...

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