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My wife wins an award and I get to take portraits

“We’ll leave the T.V. and the radio behind Don’t you wonder what we’ll find Steppin’ out tonight.” That underrated 80s song by Joe Jackson reverberated in my mind last week when my wife, Alison, and I traveled to Harrisburg, Pa., for a black tie dinner. Alison owns a private mental health practice called Move Forward Counseling, and the Central Penn Business Journal made her a finalist for their Emerging Business of the Year. And so we dressed in a fine...

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DADOGRAPHER: That crazy, expressive boy

This week, our Threenager’s preschool asked us to submit answers to a questionnaire, and one of the questions asked us to describe our child in a few words. I thought of just sending them this picture and wishing them good luck. Great portrait photography involves a perfect blend of technical elements — your aperture, your shutter speed, ISO, available light, and on and on — but what it comes down to is your subject. Does your audience — other family,...

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THE DADOGRAPHER: Catching a pop fly

Throws went errantly off course, bats hit everything but the ball, and oh what great fun to watch the boys try to catch a pop fly. The enduring image for me from that practice is the one above, my 5-year-old son, Ryan, with his glove turned up the wrong way, his right hand in the air as if to keep himself balanced, attempting to catch a baseball that’s been thrown up in the air by a coach toward him. The...