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DADOGRAPHER: That crazy, expressive boy

This week, our Threenager’s preschool asked us to submit answers to a questionnaire, and one of the questions asked us to describe our child in a few words. I thought of just sending them this picture and wishing them good luck. Great portrait photography involves a perfect blend of technical elements — your aperture, your shutter speed, ISO, available light, and on and on — but what it comes down to is your subject. Does your audience — other family,...

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THE DADOGRAPHER: Catching a pop fly

Throws went errantly off course, bats hit everything but the ball, and oh what great fun to watch the boys try to catch a pop fly. The enduring image for me from that practice is the one above, my 5-year-old son, Ryan, with his glove turned up the wrong way, his right hand in the air as if to keep himself balanced, attempting to catch a baseball that’s been thrown up in the air by a coach toward him. The...