About For Him I Sing


For him I sing

I raise the present on the past,

(As some perennial tree out its roots, the present on the past,)

With time and space I him dilate and fuse the mortal laws,

To make himself by them the law unto himself.

-Walt Whitman

In this evocative and moving story about the crucial link between fathers and sons, one man stumbles upon a shocking truth about his father and breaks through the mystery to find someone missing for nearly 60 years.

For Him I Sing follows the exhilarating and deeply affecting story of a marriage torn apart after World War II, a kidnapped child, a young woman shut out from her child’s life, the lies that kept the truth hidden, and decades later, the resilient effort to undo it all and make everything right again.

At the funeral of a family member, 33-year-old Dave Pidgeon learned from his father, Mike, a secret that had been kept for decades. Mike was victim of a kidnapping in 1957 when he was just a baby, snatched by his own father, Bud, from the mistress he no longer wanted to see. Bud along with his wife, Mary Catherine, raised the baby as their own, never revealing the truth of his birth until after he turned 24, but they warned him: never to go looking for your birth mother. You won’t like what you find.

Dave, a former newspaper journalist, set out to verify facts and peer into the space between truth and legend, rumor and lies, striving to bring reunite his father with his birth mother before it’s too late.

For Him I Sing is my work in progress, a book I never imagined writing, a journey of heart and soul to improve the future by investigating the past. Every family has a story. Some begin with a deception.

A preview of For Him I Sing will be available soon. Please check back.