About Dave

Most people, if they didn't say it, at least thought it. I was a little crazy.

During an April afternoon in 2017, I emailed my supervisor a resignation letter, officially sealing what I'd been planning for months. I wanted to quit my high-profile corporate gig as a media spokesperson to pursue my ambitions as a wedding and portrait photographer in Lancaster and Central Pennsylvania.

Wedding and portrait photography?  In 2017? Are you kidding?

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I did this even though my path to upward management at the railroad I worked for was clear, the benefits good, and working for railroads was my family's legacy. Plus my wife and I had two young sons at home.

Being true to myself

Something else called me, though.

I didn't always work in the corporate world, having spent about a decade as a newspaper reporter, a magazine writer, a blogger, and a local TV news assignment editor. I have a mindset, a way of entering the world. I crave well-told stories, both as a listener  and as the storyteller.

Today, creative images are essential to telling our stories. The moments which matter to us -- engagements, weddings, when our family's together, graduating from high school, owning a business we're proud of -- should be captured creatively by someone who genuinely cares about them as much as you do.

I want to give my wedding and photography clients here in Central Pennsylvania the attention and quality of work they deserve. I aim for images which creatively use light, shadow, and composition to reflect our true experiences. Our lives are pretty amazing, full of color and texture and context.

So I did it. Took the greatest risk of my life and quit my corporate job to start a photography business. I'm as content as I've ever been.

life as a lancaster wedding photographer

Not only do I run a photography business, I'm a stay-at-home Dad to our two sons. My days are spent shuttling back-and-forth to school, making sure each day is valuable, enriching, and brimming with love and wonder.

Writer, Photographer, Family, Lancaster, City, Pennsylvania, Lancaster Wedding Photographer
My family and I enjoying Lancaster City, Pa.

This journey has only just begun as I explore whether in this incredible age of storytelling a person can make it by staying true to his family and friends, to his clients, and to himself, by pursuing what's calling from deep within his heart and soul.

The response to North Arch has been overwhelming, and the datebook is filling up. Are you ready for creatively genuine image making? Email me at dave@creativelygenuine.com to get started.